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FS2Crew: PMDG J41 Voice Commander Edition

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EUR 19.95

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The PMDG Jetstream is probably the best turbo-prop simulation ever created for FSX.  It's an amazing product.

But it's also a very complex product, and it can be tough to operate. 

How many times have you started the engines on fire or had trouble reaching for a switch or setting the condition levers because they're hard to reach?

If you're like me, a lot!

So this is where FS2Crew comes in...

FS2Crew makes your J-41 experience EASIER, more IMMERSIVE and REALISTIC!

Not only does FS2Crew add a fully functional (voice controlled) First Officer who helps you fly the J41 using the same flight crew procedures used at a real-airline, FS2Crew also adds extra functionality to the J41, such as a unique VC panel view switcher.

This version of FS2Crew also includes, for free, a special version of FS Video Marshaller (a 14 EUR value!)

Just as good, this is the first FS2Crew product that can interface "directly" with a PMDG aircraft without using simulated mouse clicks or key presses.  This makes for fantastic integration between the two products!  The integration is SEAMLESS.


  • PMDG JETSTREAM J-41.  Aircraft not included. 
  • Flight Simulator X.
  • Win XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • Microphone and/or Headset.
  • Windows Speech Recognition language setting must be set to English if using XP or English - US if using Vista or Win 7.  (If you own a non-English version of Vista or Win 7, be sure to check this.  Please contact FS2Crew for assistance).


Product Highlights!

  • Customized to work exclusively with the PMDG J41.  The level of detail cannot be matched anywhere!
  • SDK style functionality: The simulated First Officer can interface with the aircraft directly and seamlessly without using simulated mouse clicks or key presses.  That is big!
  • Control the autopilot and run checklists using voice control!
  • Full voice control integration:  Interact with the flight, cabin and ground crew using your voice!
  • For maximum realism, SOPs modelled on the same procedures used by a real-world airline. 
  • Real human recorded United States, United Kingdom and Eurozone voice sets included for the First Officer, FA and ground crew.  FS2Crew does not use computer generated synthetic voices!
  • FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
  • New features such as the ability to 'mute' the speech recognition system (hard mute and soft mute)
  • And a whole lot more!!!


Free Bonus Features!

  • VC Panel Switcher Panel:  Makes switching VC cockpit position views very easy and hassle free.
  • FS Video Marshaller: A 14 Euro value, this utility allows you to interact with the ground crew using video technology.  The ground crew can interface directly with the PMDG J41 ground service objects.


Notes for users running home Networks:

  • Because the speech recognition engine is built into a gauge file that gets loaded via the host aircraft's panel.cfg file on your main Flight Simulator computer, the software is not networkable. A microphone or headset needs to be connected to your Flight Simulator computer.









Designed for the PMDG J-41!





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Approx 245 MB
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    Product Reviews

    1. Bringing you just a little closer!

      Posted by Scott Hemmelsbach - KMKG on 13th Apr 2011

      This product was easily downloaded and installed. This is a very nice feature to add on to the PMDG J41 which takes a little more skill to fly. I have had no issues other than the free add-on marshaller will blank out the screen if you forget to get your self out of "full screen" mode first. DO NOT push any of the marshaller buttons while you are in full screen mode, as you ruin a really nice flight that you more than likeyly worked hard at setting up! I recommend that you print out the instructions and have them handy untill you become VERY firmiliar with the key phrases you need to use. You will love being able to have your first officer set your heading, altitude and verticle speed as well as starting the engines. This is a great product for the experienced "simer" and adds the next demension to the world of flight simulation. Good Job! It makes me happy!!!

    2. Doesn't get much more real than this

      Posted by Richard ├ůsberg on 17th Sep 2010

      Beeing used since the first FS2Crew products hit the market with the "old" button versions I was at first a little bit uncertain about this new voice approach and how hard it would be to learn and how good the voice recognition would work but equally exited since beeing able to actually "talk" to your FO would raise the realism bar ALOT.

      Now afterwards all I can say is that the combination of such an exceptional a/c as the PMDG J41 together with this amazing FS2Crew Voice Edition product has given me the most pleasing (and real) feeling in FS to this date! If you want it "as real as it gets" you can't go wrong with this combo and if you like I did hesitate because you're not sure how hard it will be to learn this new kind of approach I have created a very easy to follow tutorial/checklist available at AVSIM in their file library and others have created great checklists as well that will help you start enjoying this product from day 1!

    3. A must for the J41

      Posted by Ben Elder Jr on 24th Jul 2010

      This is an awesome product. If you really want to learn more about flying the J41 in a real world setting this is a must have!

    4. It's gonna change the way you fly.

      Posted by Pawel on 9th Jun 2010

      This is a must have for those who want to make their virtual flying as close as possible to real one. It helps not to settle into a groove, you make less mistakes. But also you have less things to do - you have your crew. You won't be so overloaded after take-off, hand flying will be much more comfortable.
      Programs runs stable, no issues, very good support. You gonna love it.

    5. He did it again!

      Posted by Cyril on 3rd Jun 2010

      You know and liked the other Voice Commander softs: you will love it. As good as the Maddog's edition with usefull tools added.
      You don't know others Voice Commander softs : you will love it if you try it.
      This is a must have. See my comment on the Maddog's edition's review: I don't change a word.
      Best flights

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