The FS2Crew Concept

What is FS2Crew?

FS2Crew develops expansion packs and other quality addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D and FSX.

The aim of the FS2Crew series is to let users simulate multi-crew flying in a SOP driven airline environment.

We achieve this end by embedding a virtual flight, cabin and ground crew into the host aircraft who behave in much the same way as they would in the real-world.

Because no two aircraft are the same, each version of FS2Crew is built from scratch on an ad-hoc basis and customized to work within the context the host aircraft. Given the tremendous complexity and sophistication of modern 3rd party commercial add-ons, we feel that complete customization from the ground up is the only way to achieve a high level of integration and to capture the nuances of each particular aircraft and its procedures.

The overwhelming majority of high-end 3rd party add-on aircraft utilize custom code and variables not accessible via published FSUIPC offsets or the Microsoft MSFS SDKs. Typically this severely limits the ability of co-pilot programs to interface with the host aircraft, which is why the vast majority of them only work in a meaningful way with the default aircraft. However, dealing with such aircraft is our specialty. In the absence of dedicated SDKs that some companies make available for their aircraft, we have a unique system that allows us to interface with high-end 3rd party aircraft. It is what puts FS2Crew in its own class and totally separates us from the pack.

Capt Mike Foor, B747.  FS2Crew Voice Artist and Consultant

Is each version of FS2Crew modeled on real-world Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

FS2Crew works with current airline pilots and we model company procedures used by specific airlines. Essentially what you get in each version of FS2Crew is a very realistic approximation of what you would see and experience as the Captain of whatever airline we modeled with respect to flight, cabin, ground and company interaction. The interaction between the Captain and FO, PF and PNF, can be quite intricate, and FS2Crew goes to great lengths to model that interaction in detail.

Capt Dave Barrington, B767.  FS2Crew 767 Consultant