Reviews & Awards

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Words of Praise for the Airbus Version of FS2Crew:

"...I said in the last review that I didn't see how he could improve the FS2Crew design further, and yet he has, making the interface even more simple and intuitive, to become almost second-nature to use while retaining all the complexity of passenger airline flight deck operations."

-Paul Middleton, Avsim

Critical acclaim for the new PMDG  747 Edition of FS2Crew:

"FS2Crew for the PMDG and FSX default 747's is an excellent product, which reflects a continual development and improvement over the earlier versions that were good in themselves. I thoroughly recommend it."

-Paul Middleton, Avsim

"If you want to fly the Boeing 747-400 in a manner akin to the professionals, then an FS2Crew expansion offers unparalleled realism... both [the PMDG and 747 FSX Default Editions] are the pinnacle of achievement for flight simulation utility and richly deserve their PC Pilot classic award."

-Andrew Whittaker, PC Pilot Magazine

"De programma's van FS2crew blijven een geweldige toevoeging aan de PMDG 747-400 en u zal naar een paar keer vliegen zeker niet meer zonder kunnen. Hierdoor krijgt u bijna de echte benadering van wat men verwacht van de bemanning tijdens zo'n vlucht met de Boeing 747-400."

-Gerald van Nieuwenhuyzen, SimFlight NL

Accolades for the Level-D 767 Edition of FS2Crew:

"Toen ik het voor het eerst probeerde ging er een wereld voor mij open nu was er ook als virtueel vlieger werk aan de winkel, hier heb ik veel plezier aan beleeft."

-Gerald van Nieuwenhuyzen, SimFlight NL

"[For those] who want to immerse themselves fully in the cockpit experience of flying the Level-D 767, this is the product for you. It is realistic, it is absorbing, and it is rewarding.

-Paul Middleton, Avsim

"FS2Crew wird von Version zu Version besser und hat mit der 767 Edition erneut die Messlatte für ultrarealistische Flugsimulatorerlebnisse angehoben."

-Manuel Heinz, Flug Simulation (Germany)


Words of praise for the Flight1 ATR Edition of FS2Crew:

"... the effect is almost magically real..."

-Andrew Herd,

"..for those who enjoy the full cockpit management experience, with all the procedures, routines, checklists and interactions, it doesn't get any better than this, they will be in seventh heaven... 5/5 Stars"

-Paul Middleton, Avsim

"Ik dacht dat ik met de FS2Crew voor de PMDG alles al had meegemaakt te hebben. Niks bleek minder waar te zijn."

-Matthew Niederberger, SimFlight NL

"This add-on transforms the ATR 72-500 to extremes unimaginable."

-Ludo Lambrechts, Canadian Pilots

"I was skeptical at first, but after flying a couple of flights with FS2Crew enabled I was sold on the concept...the functions of FS2Crew really pushes the entire package [the F1 ATR] into the realm of detail that a truly hardcore flight simmer will revel in."

-Chris Frishmuth ("BeachAV8R"), SimHQ Reviewer, Commercial Pilot

Here's what the Community has to say about PMDG 737 Version of FS2Crew:

"Being a real MD83 copilot, I must tell you that this program has really taken flightsim to a new level.  Since the moment I started flying with your program the realism has increased immensely."

-Guillermo Martinez, MD83 FO

"Het pakket brengt zoveel meerwaarde met zich mee voor MSFS en de PMDG dat je hier bijna een boek over kan schrijven."

-Matthew Niederberger, FSMagazine NL

"A product like this doesn't come along often and when they do it is a big addition to the hobby... FS2Crew is a utility that once used is hard to live without. If you’re the type that uses your flightsim flights as if they're being monitored as an interview for an airline pilot position then this is what you've been waiting for."

-Tim Thomas,

"An extraordinary achievement... Rarely do we see an advance such as this..."

-Maury Pratt, Avsim

"... FS2Crew is a quantum leap forward...This package really will revolutionize how we fly with the PMDG 737's fleet... Rating: 5/5 Stars."

-Andrew Whittaker, PC Pilot Magazine

Kapitanssicht die Interaktion mit beteiligten Personen wahrend eines typischen Flugs. Kurz, wir sind nicht mehr allein im Cockpit."

-FlightXPress Magazine, Germany

"Très grand réalisme des opérations sur un vol de ligne (procédures opérationnelles, le co-pilote gère les commandes selon les check-lists, et peut prendre le contrôle de l'avion à certaines phases, interactions savec la chef de cabine ou le personnel au sol)"

-Sebastien Belluteau, Simflight France