Important Information

E-Commerce & Website System Changes

As part of FS2Crew's recent major overhaul, we've replaced our old cart system with a brand new, state-of-the-art e-commerce system that allows us to better serve our customers with a host of exciting new features.

The most important things to note are:


  • FREE - Extended Download Protection (EDP) is now available free-of-charge to all FS2Crew customers.  Your download links are now valid for 20 downloads over an unlimited period of time.

  • If you had an account on the previous FS2Crew e-commerce system, your account should still be functional in the new system.  

  • If, in the past, you purchased an FS2Crew product via the Flight1 E-Commerce Wrapper System, please note that you should create a new account on the FS2Crew website.  Also, please note that a record of your Flight1 E-Commerce order will not exist in the FS2Crew database.  However, if you need to re-download your Flight1 E-Commerce wrapped version of FS2Crew to re-install it, the download links are available on the Downloads and Updates page.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact FS2Crew for support.