FAQs & Help

I never received an expected FS2Crew email.

1. We aim to reply to all emails asap, but please allow up to 24 to 48 hours to receive a reply due to international time zone differences.

2. Your spam filter likely misinterpreted the FS2Crew email as spam.

You will need to explicitly allow the two email addresses below in your email spam filter:



3. You can also contact us via our Support Forum at Avsim and via our Facebook page.


I have a software problem. What steps should I take first?

1. Download and install any available FS2CREW SERVICE UPDATES.

2. Re-read the manual. Manuals are available via Start - All Programs - FS2Crew or via the Start Center.

3. Follow the FS2Crew Tutorial flight "to the letter". Many issues are the result of user error. Following the manuals with FS2Crew is an absolute must.

4. Search the FS2Crew SUPPORT FORUM.

5. Uninstall FS2Crew and ensure the problem is not with the host aircraft.

6. Re-install/update your video and sound card drivers.

7. Post a question in the relevant section of the FS2Crew Forum.

8. If it appears that FS2Crew did not install (no visible FS2Crew gauge and window entries in panel.cfg file associated with your host aircraft), you may have a very common FS9/FSX registry issue. Run the free FREE FLIGHT1 REGISTRY REPAIR TOOL, then re-install FS2Crew.

9. Send us a Support Ticket  (if no reply within 24 to 48 hours, please check your Spam Folder). Be sure to include:

- The specific Edition of FS2Crew.

- Your full name.

- Place of purchase.

- Your order number.

- As much specific detail as possible.



I am getting CTDs or other issues.

1. Re-install FS2Crew and the host aircraft and all available updates.

2. Check the FS2Crew Support Forum.

3. Check the Avsim CTD forum.



I have an older version of FS2Crew purchased via the Flight1 E-Commerce Wrapper. I need to re-download it.

- Flight1 Wrapped versions of FS2Crew may be downloaded via the DOWNLOADS & SERVICE UPDATES PAGE. To re-install, press RE-INSTALL on the Credit Card screen and follow the on-screen instructions. For additional information, please visit the FLIGHT1 WRAPPER INFO PAGE.


I lost my old Key, Password, Order Number, etc., for my Flight1 Wrapped version of FS2Crew.