Conditions of Use

By using the FS2Crew website and E-Commerce store, you agree with the following terms and conditions:

IMPORTANT: These terms and conditions apply to products purchased through the FS2Crew e-commerce website only. 3rd party vendors will have their own rules.

General Conditions

1. The information provided to FS2Crew is truthful and accurate.

2. You will not pirate or illegally distribute FS2Crew products, or share your account and login information with third parties. All IPs and account activity are logged to combat abuse.

3. If you experience technical difficulties with this site or any FS2Crew software you will promptly inform FS2Crew via email or via the FS2Crew Support Forum.

4. You agree to make a personal backup of any purchased software.

Downloadable Products

You agree to make a personal backup of the purchased software and any registration code.


Refunds Policy

To combat abuse, no refunds will be given on FS2Crew products.  If you are experiencing a technical difficulty with the software, please contact FS2Crew Support.

If you agree to these terms you may create an account.