FS2Crew: iFly 737NG Edition

Service Update 2+

FSX Voice Control: 2.3

FSX Button Control: 2.4

FS9 Voice and Button Control: 2.2

See the FS2Crew Support Forum at Avsim.com for the Change Log.


P3D Version 3 users:  Please read this thread for very important information.


This update is NOT built into the main installer, so all users (Voice and Button Control, FSX and FS9) should install it.

• Released: 22 January 2014

• Requirements: FS2Crew iFly 737NG Edition (Voice or Button Control)

• Built into Main Installer: No

Download (Approx 3.6 MB)

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not have the VS2010 end user runtimes installed, you must download and install the VS2010 End-User Runtimes or you may get a CTD when you run the update.



Please read this thread in the FS2Crew Support forum for the Change Log.  Many of the "Button Control" button/joystict assigments were changed in V2.3 to match those used in the NGX version.

You must read this thread carefully!